Let Me Help You Command Better Business Results with Your Content

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Specifically, I can help you command better business results in, at least, eight ways.

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Are you a busy person, CXO or Exec.?

Want to maintain your authority as a thought leader in your industry but no time write to top-notch content?

Or are you developing the next big platform — like G2 — and need content that commands attention?

I can take away your worries in this area WITHOUT robbing you of your shine, of course.

You’ll retain your SMART posture without the frustration of spending countless hours on articles to convey your message.

I’ll produce articles that represent your best thoughts. And if you want it, I can also help with your due diligence research — your internal content; not for your website.

Everything remains discrete.

No one will ever know you relied on me for the results you command. The result is yours. The work is mine.

This arrangement helps you focus on leading your organization and not sweating the words to write or how to write them.

Let me help you do the work and you keep the credits.

Blog Posts

Reports on businesses and marketers who do inbound marketing showed that 80% of them experienced a positive return on their investments in blogging.

Marketers who place a priority on blogging have a 1,300% chance of positive return on investment over those that do not.

But “placing a priority” doesn’t mean publishing tens of articles weekly. It means publishing the BEST piece of content on the topic, every time.

Creating content that justified spend is becoming harder and harder for marketers. It doesn’t have to be so.

Drawing from yours of experience in with big brands who have iterated tens of content formats, I can take care of your blogging for good.

I have a detailed content production process to make sure your content is top-notch ALL THE TIME. 

But it goes beyond creating best-in-class content; I’ll help you justify your content investment using promotions methods. So the content will start attracting targeted traffic days after it has gone live on your blog.

Let me help you make your blog an asset.

Content Strategy

Who goes to war without a strategy?

You guessed it — a loser.

If you must create content, then have a strategy in hand. Most people don’t.

More than 70% of eCommerce businesses do not have a content strategy. So you would be ahead of most of your competition if you develop one.

Your strategy helps you anticipate the future, instead of fearing or ignoring it. It puts you in charge.

I’ll create a content strategy that comes from deep research and understanding of untapped growth areas your content can focus on. So can enjoy massive quick wins.

Having a strategy helps you catch opportunities early and seize industry goldmines your competition isn’t doesn’t even know exists.

Let me help you stay ahead of your competition with a top-notch content strategy.

I can also execute this strategy, independently or with your team.

Newsletter and Email

If you have an email address then chances are that you check your inbox multiple times a day.

Everyone does it.

But not every business is taking advantage of email marketing.

If you’d rather start getting a $38 return for every $1 spend, then email if your thing.

I even create a resource on some of the best email templates that the likes of Slack, Asana, and other successful brands use to drive outsized sales performance.






Email Marketing

It’s no news, email is the most profitable online marketing channel.

In a 500 million shopping experiences study, email marketing significantly outperformed search and social media! Successful email marketers enjoy returns of more than $38 per $1 spent on email marketing.

That’s a whopping 3,800% ROI.

I can help you benefit from this wave as well. If you let me.


Lead Capture Assets (eBooks, Whitepapers, etc)

Solidify your industry thought leadership. Publish authoritative resources that benefit other industry players.

This positioning might be counterintuitive. But it makes you the go-to business for getting answers to tough industry questions.

On authoritative materials, Eccolo Media’s survey report shows that 76% of business leaders “had read a white paper to help them evaluate a technology purchase in the six months prior to the survey.”

The report says that 83% of these decision-makers consulted product brochures and data sheets before a buying decision. All these channels can grow ROI, and I can help you do the work from research to writing, design to publishing. Everything.

What can you do here?

  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • eBooks for lead capture
  • Datasheets
  • Introductory courses


Landing Page Content

So you have a great product or service?


Time to get buyers for them.

And if you don’t have one but building an audience for a future product or service, then you’re in the same boat!

You’d have to persuade your target audience that the solution you’re providing is indeed great and that it’s great for them.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll write your landing page copy using science-backed, tested and proven sales techniques that work. Yes, my copy will remove the guesswork and give you results instead.

Would you have a landing page that search engine optimized? Great, I can make that for you. All I need is to ask you some questions, and then probably have a feel of your product to get a firsthand experience of what I’ll be writing about.

And then I can craft your conversion machine.

Yes, let me help you turn visitors to leads.


Influencer Interviews

This is one of the most under leverage tactics for brand growth.

But think of it. Eventual Millionaire and Mixergy have mined the interview-focused content for years! And you can do this too.

Let me help you. I’ll make the contact, handing the interview, all you have to do is post them on your blog, and even that I can do for you.

Searchers will find your site when looking for advice from these influencers. You also get the social proof that comes with it.

Want to have influencers featuring on your site?

I can start landing them on your site right away if you let me.


Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a time-tested method for boosting your brand visibility and effectively selling your service or product.

Winning businesses use guest blogging to increase their brand authority, gain leads, build trust, and grow sales. Guest blogging is a two-edged sword. You gain traffic and credibility with your target audiences, and you also win the love of the search engines.

If you give me permission, I’ll help your business win more exposure and gain more awareness from your target audiences. My instrument here would be top-notch guest posts features on your niche’s or industry’s most authoritative websites.

Shall we get started?

Catch me on nicholas@techcontentlabs.com