May 11, 2017

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I’m a technology writer and due-diligence online researcher, and it’s for a reason. You know it. Technology is growing complex at an accelerating pace, and experts say that it’s not slowing down for the foreseeable future.

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Past Technology

Your audience is buying from your competition. Visiting their websites. Liking their social media posts and commenting there. Every day, they refer their friends, family, and colleagues to your competition. In fact, they LOVE your competition. Yes, because your competition does things differently. They use the POWER of content to reach their customers, and their products and business strategies are backed by SOUND research.

Technology is crushing businesses to death. Did I say “businesses”? Technology is crushing industries to death. Lots of industries. They are disappearing fast… and it’ll only get FASTER. There is pandemonium, panic, and paranoia.

Fear is the new cool.

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Today’s Technology

However, not everyone is afraid of uncertainty. Some business people are quietly growing their empires without fret. These people aren’t ignoring the risk that comes with uncertainty. They aren’t immune to it. They know it. In fact, they embrace it, but without fear.  They use the power of content and due diligence to crush uncertainty; building for themselves realities that others only dream about.

This is an invitation to become one of these kingpins — in your industry. I’m here to remove the necessary burden that comes with building something as phenomenal as a content and research-based business.

I’m here to save you time, reduce (even eliminate) stress and raise your profit margins using content writing, and due diligence research. Read on to see how I’ll help you.

Click here to see how I can help with your online research and due diligence needs. Read on to find out how I can help you with content creation that works.

Wikipedia: Create, Edit and Manage

create, edit, and manage Wikipedia | techwriteresearcher.comWho gets found first in a Google search? Your business or Wikipedia? Chances are that Wikipedia gets the priority position. Your brand can benefit from this advantage Wikipedia has. Moreover, Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. Wikipedia has strict rules and guidelines, it’s easy to go wrong here. I’m here to help.


email marketing and newsletter writing services | techwriteresearcher.comEmail is the most profitable online marketing channel. In a 500 million shopping experiences study, email marketing significantly out performed search and social media! Successful email marketer enjoy ROI over $38 per $1 spend. That’s a whopping 3800% ROI.

Blog Posts

Blog posting services | techwriteresearcher.comBlog Posts Of marketers who do inbound marketing, more than 8 in 10 of them who blog have reported positive Return On Investment. Marketers who place a prority on blogging have 1300% chance of positive return on investment over those that do not. I can help you with this when you hire me.

Ghost Writing

ghost writing services | techwriteresearcher.comAre you a tech CEO or Exec.? Want to become a thought leader in your industry but no time to write articles? I can take away that burden from you – WITHOUT robbing you of your shine, of course. You’ll be perceived as SMART and no one will ever know you didn’t do the actual writing; that way you can focus on leading not thinking of leading.

Ebooks. Ecourses. Product Brochures. Whitepapers

eBooks, eCourses, Product Brochures, White papersSolidify your industry thought leadership by publishing authoritative resources that other industry players benefit from. On authoritative materials, Eccolo Media’s survey report shows that 76% of business leaders “had read a white paper to help them evaluate a technology purchase in the six months prior to the survey.” The report says that 83% of these decision-makers consulted product brochures and data sheets before a buying decision. All these channels can grow ROI, and you can hire me to make this work.

Content Strategy

content strategy services | techwriteresearcher.comTechnology will wipe out entire industries. To survive and thrive strategies MUST evolve. Content marketing ranks number one in matching the pace of today’s business needs. 70% of consumers say that they feel closer to companies who do content marketing, and 54% of businesses have seen their leads increase due to content marketing. Hire me to develop your content strategy. I can also execute this strategy, single-handedly or with your team.

Landing Page Content

landing page content service | techwriteresearcher.comHave you a great solution? Great! Now it’s about persuading your audience that the solution you’re providing is indeed great, or is great for them. That’s where I come in. I’ll write your landing page copy using science-backed, tested and proven sales techniques that work, so that we can cut down on the guesswork. Your landing pages will be search engine optimized to ensure that they rank well, in effect, you’ll continue to enjoy returns on investment long into the future.

Guest Posts

Guest post services | techwriteresearcher.comA profound method for boosting your brand visibility, and effectively selling your service or product is through guest blogging on authoritative websites that hold sway in your niche. Winning businesses are using guest blogging to increase their brand authority, gain leads, build trust, and enjoy growing sales. Just imagine the effect of being featured on your industry’s top publications, where 10,000s or even 100,000s of your customers hang out regularly. You should hire me to write top-notch ghost-written guest posts to be featured on your niche’s or industry’s most authoritative websites.

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    Internet Research Assistance

    Internet research assistant | techwriteresearcher.comAs your research assistant who has a wealth of experience in leading hundreds of online research projects for individuals, small businesses, corporations and even Fortune 500 companies, I have the wherewithal to help with your business, personal or pet-project research needs.

    I can help you find answers to questions on

    1. Industry,
    2. People,
    3. Places and
    4. Companies,

    using the most authoritative, up-to-date research reports and analysis tools. I can research to find answers for you online on just about any topic or area of interest. I can even help you

    • Build lists of key business prospects,
    • Find statistics to help with your pitch deck or other interests,
    • Prove/disprove hypothesis,
    • Conduct background checks on individuals/organizations/places,
    • Identify industry best practices and case studies,
    • Compare products and services,
    • Understand market conditions and build competitive landscapes, and more.

    Your success is assured because I have successfully worked on more than 300  projects like yours, both independently and with some of smartest teams in the world, for the likes of IBM, AT&T, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Autodesk, just to name a few.

    Let me help you research-backed answers! I’m available to start on your project right away. Simply click here to hire me.

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    Future Technology

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