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Ghost Writing

Harvard says that CEOs work about 62.5 hours a week. That’s over 18 hours more than an average American.

So if you lead an organization, then I’m pretty confident that your time is maxed out.

And I’m here to help.

Are you a leader, CEO or exec. at a startup or large firm?

Want to become a thought leader in your industry but no time to write articles?

I can take away that burden from you – WITHOUT robbing you of your shine, of course.

You’ll be perceived as the SMART person you are, and no one will ever know you didn’t do the actual writing. This arrangement saves you a ton of time, so you can focus on other parts of your duties that only you can do.

I can also help you with managing your blog content without taking credit for the work. This includes responding and replying to comments, creating content, even developing and managing your content plan, and more.

Oh yes, all ghostwritten and ghost-done. No credit. No name.

Want us to sign an NDA, i.e., a no disclosure agreement? Yes, we can have that.

Blog Posts

Over 80 percent of inbound marketers reported a positive ROI. And those who place a priority on blogging have many reasons to party!

A 1300 percent chance of positive return on their investment.

 484 percent chance of ranking higher on search engines.

 They get 97 percent more backlinks.

74 percent of blogs that update their older posts experience conversion boosts.

Blogs that post daily get 500 percent more traffic.

It helps that blog posts have a compounding effect!

Umm, what’s it a 1976 Wall Street Journal reported that Albert Einstein called the “the greatest invention” of humans? Yes, compound interest.

Organic search drives more traffic to blog posts over time. Ten percent of blog posts found in search can drive 38 percent of blog traffic.

I can post articles daily or weekly for your blog. And I can update your old posts to make them shiny, fresh, and relevant.

Yes, I can help you with this when you hire me, right now.


Email is the most profitable online marketing channel. IBM’s 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark Study says that email open rate in the US stands at 21.5 percent.

And IBM isn’t alone on this finding.

In a 500 million shopping experiences study, email marketing significantly outperformed search and social media!

Successful email marketers enjoy ROI of over $38 per $1 spend. That’s a whopping 3800 percent return on investment.

I could quite easily inundate you with data! From email open rate to click-through rate (CTR), conversion to engagement, and more. But I won’t. That data doesn’t serve you.

What serves you?


Why tell you about the results you can enjoy when I could help you get them instead.

Shall we talk?

Tutorials, Guides, & Infographics

Forbes says that eLearning will hit $325 Billion by 2025.

And another report expects a 14 percent growth rate in the global online tutoring market. At that rate, online tutoring is growing at 200 percent the rate of in-person tutoring.

And this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

How can I help?

Well, I can help you develop relevant courses or tutorials for your business, based on your request. So if you’re looking to

  • Educate,
  • Monetize,
  • Entertain, or
  • Mix and match these things

I can help. And if you’d want me to help you manage or update your existing online course content I can do that for you too. Just let me know.

Yes, I know learning is better when it’s a visual experience. So I can create unique infographics to go with my content. Whether it’s tutorials or blog posts.

Ebooks. Ecourses. Product Brochures. Whitepapers

Solidify your industry thought leadership by publishing authoritative resources that other industry players benefit from.

You may not be able to do what Gartner is doing now, but you can establish your voice without spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on research.

Eccolo Media’s survey report says that 76 percent of business leaders had

“read a white paper to help them evaluate a technology purchase in the six months prior to the survey.”

The report says that 83 percent of these decision-makers consulted product brochures and data sheets before a buying decision.

All these content channels can grow ROI, and you can hire me to make this work.

Content Planning and Strategy

Technology will wipe out entire industries.

To survive and thrive, your strategies MUST evolve. Or your business goes extinct.

Content marketing ranks number one in matching the pace of today’s business needs.

Just look at the numbers. 

70 percent of consumers say that they feel closer to companies who do content marketing.

And 54% of businesses have seen their leads increase due to content marketing.

Hire me to develop your content strategy. I can also execute this strategy, single-handedly or with your team.

Landing Page Content

So you have a groundbreaking, mind-shattering solution?


Now it’s about persuading your audience that the solution you’re providing is indeed great, or great for them.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll write your landing page copy using science-backed, tested and proven sales techniques that work, so that we can cut down on the guesswork.

Yes, your landing pages will be search engine optimized to ensure that they rank well. And if you prefer, I can use my marketing superpowers to help your landing page convert.

More traffic. More leads. More sales. More profits. More growth in the right direction.

Guest Posts

Guest posting can change your life! Winning businesses use it to boost their brand authority, gain leads, build trust, and enjoy growing sales.

No, you don’t want your competitors talking to your best allies already. You’re in this game to win.

And you know it.

Guest blogging on authoritative websites in your niche can put your traffic and conversion game on overdrive.

Imagine the effect of being featured on your industry’s top publications, where 10,000s or even 100,000s of your customers hang out regularly. Yes, hold that thought for a minute.

Hire me to write top-notch guest posts to be featured on your niche’s or industry’s most authoritative websites.

Yes, I can also help you with the outreach!

We should work together on your business, project or goals...

Thank Me Later

About Nicholas

Here's Why I'm Here
Let your content do the marketing and bring in the money.

Let me create the caliber of content that does that for you.

Technology is touching and altering everything — FAST. It's given rise to new educational models, smarter cities, a creative boom... and we're only scratching the surface.

Having been on research teams of innovation leaders like IBM, HP, AT&T, Microsoft, and more, I have experienced — firsthand — the cutthroat speed of technological innovation and advancement:

  1. 5G
  2. IoT and Industrial IoT
  3. Extended Reality
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Robotics
  6. Blockchain
  7. Big Data
  8. Artificial Intelligence, and
  9. Others

And with virternity upon us, as we soldier on to the cusps of actualizing existential virtuality, what would these changes mean for your business?

What should your content read and feel like?

This is the age of Content Experience.

When it comes to creating web copy for your business, I understand technology... what it drives and what drives it. I can help you communicate your message to your audience, because I understand your message, your audience, and I know what's at stake.

Hello, I'm Nicholas. I'm a technology enthusiast, and the miracle of it completely fascinates me; I can't help it, I absolutely enjoy tech and can help with your writing project and/or your online market/product research needs.

I'll be glad to hear from you, please reach out, and let's get started!

  • Research and Experience

    Your success is assured because I have successfully worked on more than 300  projects, creating thousands of content pieces across B2B, marketing, and technology spaces.

    I've worked both independently and with some of the smartest teams in the world, for the likes of SEMrush, IBM, AT&T, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, Autodesk, to name a few.

  • Newsletters

    Successful email marketers enjoy ROI over $38 per $1 spend.

  • Blog Posts

    Marketers who place a prority on blogging have 1300% chance of positive return on investment over those that do not.

  • Ebooks. Ecourses. Product Brochures. Whitepapers

    76% of business leaders “had read a white paper to help them evaluate a technology purchase in the six months prior to the survey.”


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