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Every business is unique. 
That’s why I create content based on data. And it’s not always based on your competitor or what the new Gartner trend is saying.
Popular trends and your competitor’s data may not work for you.
Look, I’ve created thousands of content and worked on hundreds of projects for more than 60 businesses. My experience spans from small businesses you’ve never heard of to enterprise brands you know and use.
My takeaway from these experiences? There’s no magic bullet.
Yea, I know. Some content formats do well more times than others.
But you had better be testing.
Trusting popular opinion won’t cut it. Especially if you want reliable results.

But Let's Face It...

No one has an unlimited content budget.
You can’t test all content types.
But you can’t escape testing content for what works, either.
The question is not “Should I be testing?”
It’s “How can I test content fast and effectively to justify my content spend ASAP?”
Enter the U-Process.
The U-Process helps you to balance between the reality that you must test content to find what converts and the need to justify your content spend quickly.
The U-Process is my signature method for helping businesses strike that balance—profitably.
So, if you don’t want to waste money creating content that no one cares about and that you can’t justify in HARD facts and figures, I’ve created the U-Process for you.

Where's this Coming From?

Marketing profs are spending money on content, but can’t justify their spend.

Desperate for results, these marketers resort to dime-store content mills to lower their content costs and churn out more cheap content.

And then nothing happens.

Out of that compounding frustration, they’d quit, lose their jobs, or something worse happens to them…

Not so often, some of them survive to tell the story.

They quickly learn that creating high quality content is like buying prime real estate.

Like real estate, the best content pieces require:

  • Grit,
  • Attention to details,
  • Maintenance,
  • And they’re usually not cheap,

However, they command better buyers and more money.

Yea, cheaper content doesn’t translate into higher ROI. Savvy businesses use quality content assets to command premium returns on their investments.

The cheaper the content, the HARDER marketers can justify their spend.

Those who would have deemed it inconceivable to invest $2,000 on a 3,000-word content asset have turned evangelists after tasting the benefits.

It’s not about the money though—it’s about the process...

The U-Process.


If you’re saying,

I’ve had enough. How do I create content assets that my audiences CRAVE to read, share, and act upon?”

How do I create beach-front content assets and not content favelas?

Yes, Nicholas, I want to justify my content spend sustainably.

I’ll show you, step by step—in three giant leaps—how I create high-value content assets for businesses like Oracle, SEMrush, MonitorBacklinks.com, and tens of other seven, eight, and nine-figure businesses.

Leave your email below and let’s get started.

Excellent work on this, Nicholas. Content depth, sentence structure, benefits for the readers, it's all in there!




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