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Excellent Work on this, Nicholas. Content depth, sentence structure, benefits for the readers, it's all in there! Way to go! Keep it up! The content depth here is great, and you offered lots of tie-ins on how the features of Infor could help the reader. Great!
Pieter Huyer
Infor M3 Cloud
Thanks for sharing this. It looks really comprehensive… To be honest, we as a Sylius team can learn from this article. Started to plan our content, but still having problems with execution.
Asia Kustrzyńska
Hi Nicholas, Thanks a lot for sharing your background. It sounds like you have exactly the right experience for this writing gig, and I really enjoyed your sample writing. So, I would love for us to work together!
Maureen Stimola
Thanks for your article. Appreciate the effort you put in. The custom Savio watermarks on the graphics were a nice touch.
Ryan Stocker
No problem. He was asking if I knew any good writers and it turned out I did! [I asked Matthew why he referred me to his consulting client]
Matthew Woodward
I’m sure you’ll deliver again killer work like last blog post… I hope my upfront payment shows you I’m serious.
Thomas Vitali
Nicholas, I have you in mind! You did an awesome job with the Hand-Tracking article
Dejan Gajsek
Circuit Stream
Hello Nicholas, Your work is impressive! It is exactly what we are looking for! Conversational, and engaging content writer.
Rohit Langde
Thank you, Nicholas! We’re really liking the content you’re dishing out.
Paula Novodvorschi
Hi Nicholas, Thank you for your work.
Jonathan Weizman
I just got done reading your post around partnerships in Metrilo. Just wanted to say it was really well done and enjoyed it! I'll keep you in mind for when I'm ready to have such writing services done for my Shopify app.
Mitchell Nick
Deloitte and Shops Collaborate
Hi, Nicholas, This is a great article. It was worth the wait.
RaĂşl Galera
Hello Nicholas, Thanks for sending this over. It looks great.
Bogdan Rancea

A writer that goes above and beyond

I've worked with Nicholas for some 2 years now. And it’s been Great. He’s always come up with great outlines, did a fabulous job on the post, and took feedback well.
What really sets him apart: He understands the business goal behind content pieces and always gives his best shot. I certainly see myself working with Nicholas for the longest time. A writer that goes above and beyond: priceless.

Harsh Vardhan

Head of Content, ConvertCart

Creates engaging content

I have been working with Nicholas for almost 2 years, he is extremely talented at what he does. It is hard choosing a writer but with Nicholas the choice is simple.
He has helped us create engaging content that we use to help nurture, educate, and entertain our audience. He is timely with all his work and does a great time each time. We will continue to work with Nicholas in the future for sure...he is a part of the team!

Soraya J. Herbert

Board Director & Marketing Chair, GVTC Communications

Researches his writing thoroughly

Nicholas and I have been working together for over two years now. He writes for my websites. Nicholas is a great writer, and he constantly researches his writing thoroughly before he sends in his work.
He is straightforward to communicate with, very dedicated to his work, and most importantly, he always delivers his writing on time.
So, if you are looking for a good writer—a great writer—I highly recommend his services. Check him out, talk with him, and I’m sure he will be available to you and members of your team as well.

Jerry Low

Founder, HostScore.net & WHSR

Excellent work on this, Nicholas. Content depth, sentence structure, benefits for the readers, it's all in there!




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